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Terrified patient!
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Not only do we want your teeth to be healthy and white, but we want you to come out after a visit from our office, smiling.
We care about a pleasant, comfortable and stress-free atmosphere. We already convinced a large group of patients, who have long avoided the dentist for fear of bad experiences of the past. The new generation of equipment, and good and strong anesthesia make the treatments we perform faster than before and most importantly painlessly.
We focus on the education of the patient, we try to accurately and easily explain what is the treatment, often showing the effect before and after treatment with the intraoral camera. We will answer all the questions that bother you and explain step by step what we will do.
We promote prevention and education of patients. Aware patient easier understand some behavior in the mouth, can improve bad habits and motivate himself.
We offer conservative treatment, endodontic, surgical, implantological, prosthetic, whitening, scaling and sandblasting of teeth. We work with the best orthodontists in Toruń. We invite you to our office in Toruń so that we can make a diagnosis and choose the most suitable treatment for the patient.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and see you in the chair where we will be happy to save your teeth.
Men’s team in white.


We offer dental services in the area of prevention, conservative, surgical, implantological and especially prosthetic and endodontic.

  • Dental examination: 60 PLN
  • Prosthetic / Implantological Consultation: 150 PLN
  • Picture of X-ray: 30 PLN


  • Anesthesia: at the price of surgery
  • Dressing: 100 PLN
  • Therapeutic dressing in two-step treatment: 150 PLN
  • Light-cured fillings (depending on size and grade of cavity): 150-300 PLN
  • Reconstruction of root canal after fiberglass treatment: 400-450 PLN
  • Onlay / composite inlay: 600-700 PLN
  • Removal of tartar – ultrasonic scaling: 150-200 PLN
  • Sandblasting: 150-200 zł
  • Scaling + sandblasting together: 250 zł
  • Aesthetic coverage of the dead tooth: 300-400 PLN
  • Bleached by overlay (nightly, at home, by patient 8 days): individual rails
  • made in laboratory top and bottom: 700 PLN
  • Bleach on the spot Opalscence Boost 600 PLN
  • Lacquer painting permanent teeth: 100-150 PLN


  • Dewitization of pulp (toothache + anesthesia): 150 PLN

Primary root canal treatment (without seal):

  • Single-channel tooth: 400 PLN
  • Two-channel tooth: 500 PLN
  • Three-toothed tooth: 600 PLN
  • Four-channel tooth: 700 PLN

Secondary (reendo) (without seal) treatment / magnifying glass / microscope: 500-1000 zł

  • Single-channel tooth: 450 zł
  • Two-channel tooth: 550 zł
  • Three-toothed tooth: 800 zł
  • Four-channel tooth: 900 zł
  • Treatment of additional periapical changes – every visit: 200 PLN
  • Closing perforation: 200 PLN
  • Removing the broken tool from the channel using a microscope: 200-500 zł


  • Adaptation visit: 50 PLN
  • Filling in the milk: 100 PLN
  • Extraction (removal) of the milk tooth: 80-150 PLN
  • Tooth filling: 80 PLN
  • Lacing teeth: 80 PLN


  • Extraction (removal) of the milk tooth: 50-150 PLN
  • Simple extraction (removal of the tooth): 200 PLN
  • Complicated extraction (chiselling, rooting): 300 PLN
  • Extraction of the retained tooth (eighths): 300-500 PLN
  • Removing stitches: 30 PLN
  • Dry alveolus treatment (every visit): 50 PLN
  • Incision and drain abscess: 100 PLN
  • Root resection: 600-1000 PLN
  • Root resection with biomaterials: 1200-1600 PLN
  • Implant Dentium insertion: 2500 PLN
  • Implant Nobel Biocare insertion: 3000 PLN
  • The costs of biomaterials and bone regeneration are determined individually.


  • Prosthetic consultations: 150 PLN
  • Porcelain crown on metal (bezniklowe): 1000 PLN
  • Temporary Crown: 150 PLN
  • Porcelain crown on gold: (to be agreed)
  • All-ceramic crown: 1500 PLN
  • Crown on zirconium substrate (instead of metal): 1500 PLN
  • Porcelain veneers: 1500 PLN
  • Crown-rooted linen insert: 400 PLN
  • Glass-fiber crown-root cartridge: 250 PLN
  • Upper or lower acrylate prosthesis: 1000-2000 PLN
  • Skeletal prosthesis (metal): 2000 PLN
  • Proteoprosthesis (metal): 2500 PLN
  • Acetal prosthesis: 2000 PLN
  • Acrylic bite (relaxation, repositioning): 350 PLN
  • Combined work (fixed restorations: bridges, glass supports, movable restraints: telescopic prostheses, skeletal prostheses on bolts, bolts – individual rails
  • Denture: 400 PLN
  • Prosthetic restoration on the implant porcelain crown + connector: from 2500 PLN



Implant to tytanowa śruba wszczepiana w kość, na której możemy odbudować protetycznie koronę zęba czyli część zęba którą widzimy nad dziąsłem. Stosujemy to rozwiązanie kiedy ząb lub korzeń jest na tyle zniszczony, że musimy go usunąć, lub chcemy uzupełnić wcześniejsze braki zębowe. Wielu pacjentów nie zdaje sobie sprawy, że każdy brak zębowy ma znaczne konsekwencje, które w przyszłośći często prowadzą do zaburzeń zgryzu, powstawania próchnicy, a w konsekwencji utraty kolejnych zębów. Dlatego każdy brakujący ząb warto szybko uzupełniać implantem, gdyż niepracująca kość szybko zanika.

Proponujemy Państwu systemy:
Nobel Biocare
Jesteśmy autoryzowanym gabinetem. To renomowana marka profesora Braenemarka, jednego z pionierów implantologii.

Bardzo dobrej jakości implanty popularnej firmy Dentium, które są tańszą alternatywą dla Nobel Biocare.



    Specialist IIst. prosthetics
    The first contact with the profession took place in the Medycznym Studium Zawodowym in Toruń at the Faculty of Dental Technology, which I graduated in 1984. Receiving a Diploma in Dental Technology.
    In the same year I passed the entrance exam at the Faculty of Dentistry of the Medical Academy in Gdansk. After completing my studies I took up a job at the Provincial Dental Clinic in Toruń. In 1992 I got a degree in general dentistry and got a job at a prosthetics clinic. I also began work in a private practice. Second degree specialization diploma from dental prosthetics passed with honors in Gdańsk 1995.
    After obtaining specialization until July 2001. I continued my work at the Independent Dentistry Center, while also specializing in junior doctors and lectures at the Faculty of Dentistry M.S.Z. in Torun. From 2001r. I’m only involved in private practice.
    I work in prosthetics, conservative dentistry and implantoprosty.




    In 2009 I graduated from Gdansk Medical University with a diploma in dentistry. After completing my internship at the Independent Voivodship Center of Dentistry in Toruń, I immediately started working in a private practice where I have been working for over 7 years. The first experience was given to me by my father, then I began to expand my knowledge of private training. Initially, I focused on development in microscopic endodontics, where I successfully performed a number of treatments. I am currently expanding my knowledge of surgery, implantology and prosthetics.


Prywatny Gabinet Lekarsko-Dentystyczny Legan
ul. Polna 8J, Osiedle “Przy Lesie”
87-100 Toruń

Registration of telephone calls during office hours
tel. : +48 56 654 99 33

Contact email at:

Piotr Legan

Mateusz Legan

Monday: 9.00 – 19.00
Tuesday: 9.00 – 19.00
Wednesday: 9.00 – 19.00
Thursday: 9.00 – 19.00
Friday: 9.00 – 19.00

Entrance to the clinic by the barrier from the “Netto” store near Orlen station.
Secure parking on a monitored housing estate.
Cabinet air-conditioned with disabled access.
(see on map)